UK Spouse Visa: Spring 2024 Updates to the Minimum Income Requirement

If you are contemplating applying for a UK Spouse Visa or any other Family Visa in 2024, it’s crucial to stay informed about the upcoming changes, particularly the new minimum income requirement set to come into force in Spring 2024. These changes could significantly impact the timing of your application and eligibility. This article will provide further information on the new changes, and briefly explore options to take in light of the updates.

Understanding the 2024 Spouse Visa Changes

To delve into the details of these changes, let’s first examine the evolving landscape of the minimum income requirement for the Spouse Visa:

Current Requirement: £18,600*

Spring 2024: £29,000

January 2025: £38,700

*The figure is higher if the visa applicant is accompanied by non-British citizen children.

The UK government initially announced a substantial increase in the financial requirement for the Family Visa, with a phased approach. Although initially set to reach £38,700 by Spring 2024, recent updates suggest a revised timeline with the minimum income requirement increasing to £29,000 in Spring 2024 and further escalating to £38,700 by January 2025.

However, given the potential for political changes due to a general election in 2024 or 2025, uncertainties loom over the planned timeline and opposition parties’ policies on Family Visa minimum income requirements.

Why Act Now?

Considering the unpredictability of the situation, our expert Immigration Solicitors strongly advise potential applicants to consider applying for the Spouse Visa before 2025, especially if their combined income falls below £38,700 gross per year. The urgency is even greater if the income is below £29,000, as applications need to be submitted before Spring 2024.

Contact our specialist Immigration team for advice on the requirements, your eligibility and the process of submitting a Spouse Visa application in 2024.

Sponsoring Children and the Minimum Income Requirement

For those considering Family Visas with dependent children who are not British citizens, the minimum income requirement currently includes additional thresholds for each child. However, a recent statement from the Home Office indicates a significant change from Spring 2024. The separate child element in the minimum income requirement is set to be eliminated, simplifying the process for sponsors.

Exploring Options if the Requirement Is Not Met

In cases where the sponsor does not meet the minimum income requirement after Spring 2024, our Spouse Visa Solicitors present several options:

  1. Check Eligibility for Benefits: Some sponsors may qualify for benefits that automatically meet the financial requirement.
  2. Apply Before Spring 2024: If the sponsor currently earns at least £18,600 per year, submitting the application before Spring 2024 might be a viable option.
  3. Explore Other Income Sources: Investigate whether the sponsor’s additional income, such as pension or dividend income, can be combined with salary to meet the requirement.
  4. Utilise Savings: Cash savings over £16,000 can contribute to meeting the minimum income requirement, and with savings over £65,000, the requirement can be met on capital alone.
  5. Exceptional Circumstances: Seek advice from our Spouse Visa Solicitors on whether your case qualifies for exceptional circumstances, potentially exempting you from the minimum income requirement.

Why Choose Our London Law Firm and Immigration Solicitors

In this intricate and evolving landscape, partnering with expert Immigration Solicitors such as ours becomes crucial. At DJF Solicitors, our team of specialists based in London is well-versed in the nuances of the UK Spouse Visa, including the upcoming changes in the minimum income requirement.

By choosing our leading London Law Firm, you benefit from:

  • Expert Guidance: Our Immigration Solicitors provide expert advice tailored to your specific situation.
  • Proactive Approach: We stay ahead of changes and adapt strategies accordingly, ensuring timely and effective applications.
  • Comprehensive Assistance: From understanding the new requirements to preparing and submitting your application, we offer end-to-end support.

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