UK Fiancé Visa

A UK Fiancé Visa allows a person who has settled status in the UK to bring their prospective spouse to the UK with the intention of getting married. The UK Fiancé Visa is issued for 6 months, during which time the Applicant will need to get married. After the marriage, the Applicant will need to apply for further leave to remain from within the UK.

Our immigration solicitors are regularly instructed to assist in the preparation of UK Fiancé Visa applications and have a very high success rate with such applications. Our team are ready to meet with you in person or via Skype to consider whether you meet the all of the Home Office’s eligibility requirements. Once instructed, we will liaise with you in preparing your UK Fiancé Visa application with the requisite supporting documentation and our bespoke legal representations.

Eligibility Requirements for a UK Fiancé Visa

The UK Immigration Rules set out strict criteria that must be met by those applying for a UK Fiancé Visa.  The requirements which need to be met include the following:

  • You must be in a genuine and subsisting relationship with a British citizen or a person present and settled in the UK and intend to marry or enter into a civil partnership with them within 6 months of the UK Fiancé Visa being granted;
  • You must intend to reside with your partner  permanently after your marriage;
  • You must have suitable accommodation for yourself and your partner up until you marry and after you marry;
  • You must meet the minimum financial requirement (i.e. have enough money to support yourself and your partner without recourse to public funds); and
  • You must satisfy the English Language requirement.

If you are granted a UK Fiancé Visa, you will be given leave to enter the UK for 6 months after which you can apply for a UK Spouse Visa. Thereafter, our immigration team can assist you in applying for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) and then for British citizenship.

The Difference between a UK Fiancé Visa and a UK Spouse Visa

It is important that Applicants do not mistake a UK Fiancé Visa with a UK Spouse Visa. Whilst the requirements may be similar, they have different purposes. As mentioned above, the purpose of a UK Fiancé Visa is for the Applicant to come to the UK to marry their British citizen or person present and settled in the UK partner whereas the UK Spouse Visa is for Applicants who are already married to a British citizen or a person present and settled in the UK, and are looking to join them in the UK. Moreover, it is important that UK Fiancé Visa Applicants are aware that they are not permitted to work in the UK, whilst UK Spouse Visa Applicants are.

Expert UK Fiancé Visa Solicitors

Our expert immigration team understand that many applications are refused due to applicants’ lack of understanding of the supporting documents required to satisfy the Home Office. The UK Immigration Rules coupled with the Home Office’s supplementary guidance are complex and failure to submit the correct documentation could lead to a visa refusal which can cause much emotional stress for applicants and their families.

Our expert immigration team are regularly instructed to assist in the preparation of UK Fiancé Visa applications. We can also assist in making an application for further leave to remain in the UK once the applicant is married.  Our team offer some of the following services:

  • An initial consultation with an experienced immigration solicitor who can advise on whether you meet the eligibility requirements;
  • Tailored legal advice which will assist you in collating the documents required for an application; and
  • Preparation of online application forms and legal representations.

If you wish to have your documents checked by an expert immigration solicitor, please contact us so we can explore your options.

We are a UK law firm based in Middle Temple, London and our solicitors are fully authorised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA). Contact our professional personal immigration team today and we can offer you a consultation in person or via telephone or Skype so we can explore your options. You can leave us a message on our Contact Form or give us a call on 02030110276.

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