Success Story: Urgent Application Granted Under the Private Life Route

Our Specialist Immigration Team has been successful in assisting our client (the “Applicant”) in an extension application for his leave to remain under the private life route. The Applicant, having resided in the UK for over 20 years, presented a complex immigration history. After a failed attempt to renew the visa himself, the Applicant sought our legal guidance and assistance in making an urgent application to prepare and file the renewal, as his leave was due to expire within a matter of days. As a result of our strong legal representations, and expedited process, the Applicant received a successful decision merely hours after attending his biometrics appointment. He is now able to remain with his family and continue establishing a life in the UK.

Our commitment to providing personalised and comprehensive immigration services, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of UK immigration law, allows us to deliver outstanding results for our clients. This successful result proves the benefits of having reputable solicitors such as ours at DJF Solicitors who will make high quality applications, including on an urgent basis if required.

What is the Private Life Route?

The UK Private Life Visa, rooted in Article 8 of the Human Rights Act 1998, offers a pathway for individuals to establish and maintain their ‘private life’ in the country. This visa route is essential for those seeking to remain in the UK and potentially attain permanent settlement.

Understanding the eligibility criteria, application process, and the role of supporting documents is crucial for a successful application.

Eligibility Criteria for the Private Life Visa

The Private Life route is open to diverse groups, including children under 18 who have maintained continuous residence in the UK for at least 7 years, adults aged 18-24 residing in the UK for more than half of their life, and individuals who have spent 20 years or were born in the UK to a parent with permission to remain.

Expert advice from specialist Immigration Solicitors can guide applicants through the nuances of eligibility.

How to Apply for a Private Life Visa

The application process for the Private Life family visa is primarily online. Ensuring the submission of accurate and comprehensive evidence, such as passports, birth certificates, and marriage/civil partnership certificates, is crucial. Seeking guidance from a specialist in immigration law can enhance the accuracy of the application, potentially expediting the process.

Extending the Private Life Visa

For those already holding a Private Life visa, extensions are possible through the further leave to remain route. It is imperative to initiate the extension process before the current visa expires, as failure to do so may result in severe consequences. Our expert Immigration team specialising in UK Private Life Visa applications can assist in seamless extensions, providing expert guidance throughout the process.

Conditions and Responsibilities

Holders of a Private Life visa must adhere to immigration laws and specific requirements outlined by the Home Office. Being aware of visa expiration dates and proactively preparing for extensions or settlement applications is vital. Failure to comply with these conditions can jeopardise an individual’s stay in the UK, emphasising the need for expert legal advice.

It is advisable to allow plenty of time for applying or renewing your visa. However, should circumstances deem otherwise, such as the Applicant’s did in this success story, we are able to offer an expedited service in order to ensure you secure your immigration status in the UK.

Reasons for Refusal and Appeals

Private Life visa applications can be refused for various reasons, including incompleteness, criminality, or insufficient continuous residency. In case of refusal, appealing under the Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002 is an option. Legal professionals from a leading London Law Firm, such as ours, can navigate the appeals process on your behalf, increasing the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Who Cannot Apply for a Private Life Visa

Certain circumstances, such as deportation orders or issues deemed against public interest, may lead to the refusal of private life applications. Contact our expert immigration team ensures a comprehensive understanding of these circumstances, helping applicants make informed decisions.

Why Choose Our Leading London Law Firm

Instructing a leading London Law Firm specialising in immigration law is crucial for a successful Private Life Visa application or extension. Our team of experts ensures thorough application reviews, precise document preparation, and representation in case of refusals or appeals. The emphasis on expertise and specialisation in UK Private Life Visas distinguishes our firm, providing applicants with confidence and assurance throughout the immigration process.

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