UK Immigration Updates: New Online Application forms for UK Family Visas FLR(M) and FLR(FP)

This week the Home Office launched a new online FLR(M) and FLR(FP) service. The online applications are now available for everyone who wants to apply to remain in the UK as the family member or partner of a British citizen, person settled in the UK or a person with a refugee leave or humanitarian protection. The service will be also available for the applicants making a visa application to remain in the UK on the basis of their private family life. 

Online forms are now available for FLR(M) and FLR(FP) visa applications.

The online application service seems to make filling an application form be an easier process. However at the end you will still need to print your application form and send it to the Home Office by post with all your original supporting documents.

You will not be able to use the online application form if you are applying with a fee waiver. You will need to complete the paper form together with fee waiver application.

Apply for a Visa to remain with family in the UK

You will be eligible to remain in the UK as the family member or partner of a British citizen, person settled in the UK or person who has refugee leave or humanitarian protection in the UK. You will also be able to add some of your family members – dependents to your application.

You need a ‘family of a settled person visa’ if you want to remain with your family and you are already in the UK. The application can be submitted by applicants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. You can either apply if you want to extend your existing visa or you wish to switch from a different category.  You will need to choose a route for your application and each of them will have different eligibility requirements. You will choose between 2-year , 5-year and a 10-year route.

You may need to apply in a different way if you are outside the UK, your partner is from the EEA or Switzerland, your partner has a temporary visa as a worker, you are a victim of domestic violence or your partner has died. You will also need to use another form if you applied for a ‘family of a settled person’ visa before July 2012 or you want to reunite with a partner or parent who has asylum or humanitarian protection.

UK Visa Applications for Family Members of British Citizens

The  Home Office has introduced a stringent criteria which you will need to meet in order to make a successful visa application. There is an extensive amount of documentary evidence you will need to provide in order to support your application and prove that you meet all the requirements, e.g. the financial requirements set by the government.
Many applications are refused because applicants have not been able to fully substantiate this.

If you wish to apply for a family member or partner visa we can help you with your application and queries. Our expert team of lawyers can assist you with the preparation of your visa application and ensure that you meet with all the requirements of the relevant Immigration Rules. We will ensure that all key points are substantiated with documentary evidence thereby leading to a successful application and avoiding unnecessary expense of re submitting your application to the Home Office.

Immigration Advice for a ‘family of a settled person’ Visa

Our expert Solicitors at LexLaw have a very high success rate in UK family based applications and treat each case individually, providing detailed assessments to our clients. Our detailed consultations are to ensure that you are eligible to make a ‘family of a settled person’ visa application. If you decide to instruct us we will provide you with a bespoke documents list tailored to your circumstances.

Our city of London solicitors will guide you through the financial, language and relationship requirements in accordance with the UK Immigration Rules. Making the process as easy as possible and working hard to get a successful result.

Our team of experienced and professionally qualified immigration solicitors and barristers will be able to go through the Home Office’s requirements with you. As well as, the process of making a visa application to the UK step by step and limit the possibility of failure by complying with the strict letter of law. Contact us so that we can review your case and provide you with an assessment.

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