UK Immigration Update: New Exit Checks to Track Illegal Migrants

Today, new exit checks have come into force at UK borders with the Government working closely with seaports and carriers to track migrants with no right to stay in the UK. The new exit checks are also being put in place to assist the police and security services to follow the movements of criminals and terrorists. 

Exit Checks Aim to Create Fair Immigration System

Carriers in the UK have been gathering data on exit checks since 2013 to create the best system that will not disrupt their customers today.  The checks include taking details from every passenger in order for the UK Home Office to confirm the exit of each individual in attempts to tighten the country’s borders. Individuals traveling by air will not notice a difference but customers travelling by sea or rail will have to give their personal details to travel companies.

James Brokenshire, the Minister of Security and Immigration released a statement on the new exit checks being implemented today and the reasoning for them:

“It is right that we have an immigration system that is fair, that tackles illegal immigration and that clamps down on those who try to cheat the system by staying here when they have no right to do so. Exit checks will provide us with vital information that confirms a person’s exit from the UK. The coalition Government committed to reintroducing them in 2010 and the Immigration Act 2014 put in place legislation which gave carrier and port staff the powers to carry out these checks. Port and travel operators are experts in their business and know their customers best, which is why we’ve supported them to design and trial the systems for collecting data in a way that will minimise the impact on customers. It is vital for the country’s economy that our ports operate smoothly and that families can get away on holiday on time, and important for our security that we continue to strengthen our borders. After two years spent working closely with the ports we will stay focused on successfully introducing these checks together. The UK already has one of the most comprehensive systems in the world for recording who travels across our borders: delivering on our commitment to reintroduce exit checks will make us more secure and better informed than ever.”

Have You Adopted UK Culture and Built Strong Ties to UK?

Are you unsure about your immigration status or are looking for legal advice to regularise your stay in the UK. It is understandable that a person living in the UK with no immigration status may have been here for many years such as if they were brought to the UK as a child. During this time, they may have adopted the culture and built strong relationships with settled persons. They may even have a family in the UK and as a result of many years living away from their home country may have severed ties. In these situations, these persons should seek legal advice on making their stay in the UK permanent legally.

Our expert Immigration Solicitors based in the heart on London can provide you with options and suggestions as to how to go about the visa application process and avoid the humiliation of the new exit checks.

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