UK Immigration: Sick US Husband of British National Deported from UK

A British mother has spoken out today, against the Home Office’s decision to deport her husband from the UK on the basis that he was a “burden on the taxpayer”. Lorraine Marx, 56, from Chidham, West Sussex, stated that the decision to remove her husband Ralph Marx from the UK, would force her to raise their 10 year old daughter alone. After Ralph Marx was diagnoised with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, the Home Office ruled that he had become a burden on the taxpayer – despite having private health cover – after the NHS billed him for the emergency cancer treatment he had received. 

‘Harsh’ Immigration Rules Separate British Wife & Child from US National

Lorraine and Ralph Marx married in 2001 but Ralph did not apply for residency status in the UK which meant that he was allowed to stay in Britain for only six months at a time, but his work for an international company meant he often travelled abroad on business so the limit was not an issue. However, his cancer diagnosis and hospital treatment meant he was at risk of over-staying his visitor status. Therefore, in 2012, Ralph made an application to the Home Office to remain in the UK on the basis of his family life which was subsequently rejected.

Ralph returned to America and made another application which was refused again on the basis that he would become a burden on the tax payer. A judge upheld the family’s appeal in January, but the Home Office is contesting the decision.

UK Home Office Accused of Keeping ‘Decent, Taxpaying Family Apart’

Lorraine Marx, a former Royal Navy chief petty officer spoke out against the Home Office’s decision:

“I was stunned when the Home Office rejected Ralph’s application. We’d tried so hard to be positive, and after Ralph had been so sick it was almost too much to bear…We’ve provided every document they’ve ever asked for and abided by all the rules.

With all the major issues the Government has to tackle, I can’t believe they are working so hard to keep a decent, taxpaying family apart. It can’t benefit anyone. The only person I’ve managed to speak to at the Home Office asked why we don’t just go and live in America. But this is our home. I’ve paid hundreds of thousands of pounds in taxes over the years and never received a penny in  benefits. I understand that my husband is not entitled to any support – we’ve never asked for any.”

Successful UK Spouse Visa Applications & Appeals

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