Tier 1 General Category Extensions close on 6 April 2015

The Tier 1 General category is now closed to applicants outside the UK and to applicants who are already in the UK and wish to switch to it from most other immigration categories. The Home Office announced last month, that migrants who were granted a visa under the Tier 1 General category will not be able to apply for an extension of their leave to remain in the UK under the same category from 6 April 2015. The Tier 1 General category was created to attract highly skilled migrants who wanted to seek employment or seek self-employment in the UK. For migrants whose Tier 1 General visa status expires between now and 6 April 2015, they are still able to apply for an extension.

Options for Tier 1 General Visa Migrants

  • Under the Tier 1 General category, migrants can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) after 5 years of living in the UK. This is as long as they continue to meet the criteria on the category, on top of the criteria for ILR;
  • It should be noted that applicants submitting for ILR under the Tier 1 General category will be closed from 6 April 2018. For migrants who are not eligible to apply for ILR before this date, they will have to look at switching to immigration categories such as, Tier 2 General, Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Tier 1 Investor.

Challenges Tier 1 Holders face

Some Tier 1 holders not being able to meet the criteria to apply for an extension or for ILR,  are just some of the challenges Tier 1 migrants face.  For example those that wish to switch from Tier 1 to a Tier 2 General visa, the employer must obtain a sponsorship licence.

For applicants who want to switch to Tier 1 Exceptional Talent, Tier 1 Entrepreneur or Tier 1 Investor categories, they will have to follow the uncompromising financial or skill requirements.

Successful Tier 1 Visa Applications

Our team of experienced and professionally qualified solicitors and barristers will be able to guide you through the process of making a Tier 1 Investor Visa applicationTier 1 Entrepreneur Visa application orTier 1 Exceptional Talent Visa application step by step and limit the possibility of failure by complying with the strict letter of the law. Please contact us so that we can review your case and provide you with an assessment of your case.



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