UK Immigration: Over 12,000 NHS Consultants are UK Migrants

In news reports today, Stephen Nickell top economist on the board of the Office of Budget Responsibility has stated that the UK National Health Service (NHS) would be ‘in dire strait’ without skilled migrant workers, claiming  that 35% of workers in the NHS are migrants. Furthermore, Mr Nickell’s claim is supported by the statistics from the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), which revealed that the NHS and community health services employ migrants from more than 200 countries. 

Cuts to Migration vs Need for Highly Skilled Workers

Prime Minister, David Cameron’s, continual assertion that migration to the UK  be cut by ‘tens of thousands’ and his plans to limit free movement of EU nationals to the UK, has met mass amount of criticism. However, Mr Nickell has highlighted the needs of the NHS of in hiring highly skilled migrants, he stated:

“It’s quite plain that, if they weren’t there, the health service would be in absolutely dire straits. That’s a special point.”

According to figures obtained by the Guardian last year, the NHS employs staff from more than 200 different countries, including Azerbaijan, Zambia, Indonesia, Poland, and American Samoa, according to official figures.

Codes of Practice for Skilled Workers

UK employers, including the NHS, who want to employ overseas workers under the Tier 2 visa route must ensure that they have a UK sponsor licence to enable them to employ migrants from outside the EU. Employers are unable to employ workers whose intended salary in below £20,500. Furthermore, there is a Shortage of Occupation list, compiled by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) which sets out a list of occupations where there is a shortage in the UK. This includes various medical practitioners including specialist nurses, medical practitioners and radiographers. This list is reviewed quarterly by MAC.

The Shortage of Occupation list demonstrates that even under this Government’s “anti immigration” stance, there is recognition for the fact there some industries require migrant workers.

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