James Brokenshire Renews Immigration Concession for Syrian Nationals

The Minister for Immigration, James Brokenshire, has today announced a further renewal of concessions to the immigration rules for Syrian nationals lawfully in the UK. These concessions will remain in force until 28 February 2015. The UK government recognises the ongoing Syrian conflict in Syria and has decided that the Home Office should continue to operate some discretion to enable Syrians who are legally in the UK, to extend their stay here.

Syrian Nationals Given Permission to Apply In Country

Syrians nationals who are in the UK with valid leave (or leave which has expired within the last 28 days) in specified visa categories can continue to apply to extend their stay in that visa category or switch into a different specified category from within the UK rather than having to return to Syria and making the application from there.

In order to apply, Syrian nationals will still need to meet the Home Office requirements for the visa categories in which they intend to apply (note that this is only specified categories and does not include all). The Minister for Immigration, James Brokenshire has stated in his written ministerial statement that if Syrian nationals are unable to access documents to support their applications due to the conflict in Syria, the Home Office may apply its discretion and may, if appropriate, waive the requirement to provide those documents.

Successful Visa Applications for Syrian Nationals in UK

If you are currently a Syrian national in the UK with valid leave and you wish to extend your leave in your current visa category or switch into a different specified category, contact our expert legal team for a consultation. Our team of experienced and professionally qualified immigration solicitors and barristers will be able to guide you through the process of making a visa application step by step and limit the possibility of failure by complying with the strict letter of law.

Contact us so that we can review your case and provide you with an assessment.

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