CEO of Tech Mahindra Tells David Cameron Migrants Benefit UK Economy

CP Gurnani, CEO of Tech Mahindra has voiced his concerns over the UK Government’s “inconsistent” immigration policies and has stated that Prime Minister David Cameron must face the fact that most migrants benefit the UK economy. Tech Mahindra is part of $16.2 billion Mahindra group, one of the top 10 India based business houses, and a leading provider of solution and services in the ICT industry. Tech Mahindra employs 5,000 workers in Europe with its headquarters in the UK.

UK Government needs to clarify “Inconsistent” Immigration Policies

Tech Mahindra is ranked number 5 in India’s software services firms and overall number 111 in Fortune India 500 list for 2012. CP Gurnani, has spoken out against the UK’s immigration policies and has stated that although the UK had welcomed his company, mixed government messages had “hindered advances in innovation.”

Speaking to the Telegraph, the CEO of Tech Mahindra stated:

“We worry about the rules because there has been a lack of consistency in the sense that one day you will hear an announcement that every student needs to deposit £3,000 before they come here, and then the next day policy makers will say: ‘no, no, it’s not for highly skilled labour, it’s for someone else.”

Need for Indian Students & Skilled Migrant Workers

Last year in October, we reported that at a conference arranged by the Indian Centre of Migration, it was  noted that in relation to international migration, European Ecomonic Areas (EEA)’s were urged to attract more Indian students to study and eventually work in their countries as opposed to other lucrative markets such as the US, Canada and Australia.

CP Gurnani stated there was a need to recognise migrants contribution to the UK and said:

“Mr Cameron needs to realise that most of us have helped the UK to create new intellectual property and jobs, and helped UK businesses become more operationally effective. The reality is, businesses today, even though they’re headquartered in the UK, they don’t only serve the UK, they serve global customers, and frankly, the UK benefits from globalisation.”

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