UK Immigration: Home Secretary Plans to Make Visa Process Easier for Visitors

This week, Home Secretary Theresa May announced plans to make the immigration process easier for international performing artists and business individuals to come to the UK. The changes which are expected to be implemented in April 2015, will see the abolishment of 15 different visa categories and be replaced with four types of visas for those seeking to visit the UK for a limited period. 

Britain Remains Open for Business & Visitors

Under the new changes individuals will be able to use one visa to holiday in the UK and attend business meetings, currently they would be required to obtain two separate visas. The reforms will also see a reduction in the visa processing times and Theresa May is hoping the changes to the UK visa system will make the UK a more attractive destination for businesses.

“Fine-tuning the immigration system will help ensure we are demonstrating to the rest of the world that Britain remains open for business and that visitors are always welcome in the UK, whether they come for leisure or work. In a global marketplace we must make sure we stay ahead of our competitors as we work to carry on attracting the business and leisure travellers who will help our economy grow further still.”

In recent months business leaders and professionals in the arts have argued the current UK Immigration Rules are affecting the UK economy and making it difficult for talented overseas artists to come to the UK. Just last month we reported that one of Syria’s most renowned artists was refused a UK Business Visitor visa due to the fact that the Home Office was not satisfied that he would return to Syria. This is just one story that has highlighted the difficulties of talent that has been refused entry into the UK. The Home Secretary believes that cutting down the number of visa categories will make it easier for individuals who want to work and enjoy the UK for a limited period of time.

4 New Visa Categories for Applicants Visiting the UK

The new four visa categories which will be introduced in April 2015 will include the following (have not officially been named):

  1. A standard visa, which will apply to general tourists.
  2. A visa which for individuals ‘waiting to undertake paid engagements such as appearing in concerts, theater or other performance arts’.
  3. A visa for individuals who want to come to the UK to get married or enter a civil partnership.
  4. Transit visa, which is for individuals who are just passing through the UK.

Successful UK Visitor Visa Applications

Our team of experienced and professionally qualified immigration solicitors and barristers will be able to guide you through the process of making an application step by step and limit the possibility of failure by complying with the strict letter of law.

We also undertake a great deal of appeal work before the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal and have a successful track record of successful results for our clients. We have the experience and the knowledge required to take your case forward successfully. If you have had an application refused, contact us to discuss your case so that we can provide you with a case assessment.

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