UK Immigration: Conservative Party’s Manifesto Disappoint UK Businesses

This week, the UK Conservative party published their manifesto in the lead up to the 2015 General Elections. The manifesto has already drawn a lot of criticism, in particular from UK businesses in relation to the party’s stance on keeping the cap on skilled economic migration from outside the EU. The Conservative party maintains that the cap of 20,700 will stay during the next Parliament. This means that visas will only be granted to those under the Tier 2 visa category who have the skills that the Government believe the UK needs.

Conservative Party Maintain 20,700 Cap on Skilled Workers

Understandably businesses and employers in the UK are disappointed at the prospect of the limitation on skilled workers coming to the UK continuing. In the last year we have  reported and written articles on businessmen and companies up and down the UK arguing that they have a number of vacancies that they are unable to fill due to the fact that they do not have individuals that have the skills in the UK. Continually seeing these types of stories in the news and online can’t help but make you feel that political parties are out of touch as to what individuals and businesses in the UK really need in order to prosper.

The executive of Engineering Employers’ Federation, Terry Scuoler stated his disappointment after reading the Conservative’s manifesto:

“It is disappointing that the mood music on immigration continues to concern businesses who require access to critical skills from overseas”.

Engineering UK, a not for profit organisation released a report in January 2015, in which they have highlighted how there is a massive shortage of skills in the area and UK companies will need 182,000 workers a year, with engineering skills in the decade to 2022 to generate £27 billion a year for the UK economy. It seems that the Conservative party has failed to take notice of such reports and insist on maintaining schemes that clearly are not beneficial to the UK the economy.

On a more positive note the manifesto does reveal that the Government delivered 2.2 million new apprenticeships over the last five years. Over the next five years, they plan to deliver three million more and ensure they deliver the skills employers need. Although this may be good for UK businesses in the long term the party are failing to consider the needs of UK businesses now.

Do You Fall Under The Shortage Occupation List?

The Tier 2 category of the Points Based System is for non-European migrants who have been offered a highly skilled job by a UK employer to fill a gap in the workforce that cannot be filled by a settled worker.

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Successful UK Tier 2 Visa Applications

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