Tories in UK anti-immigration drive

Having failed thus far to fulfil a multitude of promises to reduce net migration to the UK, the conservatives are set to embark on a major anti-immigration drive as announced by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Reasons for the anti- immigration drive

The pre-Christian-era conquerors and occupiers of Britain were not Roman, but American, Spanish or German. The victor over the Great Armada in 1588 was not Sir Francis Drake, but a character from John Tolkien. Sounds bizarre? True, but these are actual answers by many Britons aged under 30 in newspaper polls on history awareness.

Would-be legal immigrants, however, are now required to be very well versed in British history, as well as sufficiently fluent in English.  UK nationals are now urged to report undocumented aliens in their neighbourhoods to the police.

Other measures in Prime Minister Cameron’s latest anti-immigration drive include a drastic drawdown in quotas, from the current figure of 20,000 a year. Mr Cameron argues that this generous quota inherited from his Labour predecessors in Whitehall wasn’t used up in 2010, and anyway, his country needs top-notch skills, bright brains and capital rather than underemployed labour that burdens social, health and educational services.

Voices in the industry, meanwhile, signal opposition to Cameron’s drive. According to The Daily Mail, mastery of the English language is not much of a problem, and British employers often rate foreign degree holders much higher than their UK counterparts, particularly in fields like mathematics and natural science. And according to The Financial Times, the reason why the latest quota figure proved superfluous is the global crisis. As soon as the crisis is over, the UK will need many more labourers, and draconian restrictions on immigration will prove counter-productive.

What you should do

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