Vince Cable: Strict UK Immigration Rules Turn Away Overseas Investors

Last week we reported on Business Secretary Vince Cable’s attack on the coalition’s immigration policy and how he believed that the coalition were sending out the wrong message that Britain was “closed for business.” Vince Cable has now criticised the Conservatives for making it difficult for overseas companies to invest in Britain. He also hit out at those in the Government arguing the UK should leave the EU.

International Investors Feel “Humiliated” Applying for UK Visas

Speaking at the Liberal Democrat Party Conference in Glasgow, Vince Cable said that the party had not entered into a coalition with UKIP at the last general election. He claimed that many Chinese tourists and businessmen felt humiliated when they applied for visas to come to the UK and many had now turned their attention to investing in Germany and France. Vince Cable stated:

“We have Chinese tourists and businessmen, who are so fed up with the hassle and humiliation of trying to visit Britain and make investments here, that they are taking their money to Germany and France instead.”

UK Tory Cabinet Colleagues Stance on Europe Criticised

It seems that some Tories are now supporting the argument that the UK must leave the European Union for the sake of the British economy.

Vince Cable stated that “careless” talk from Eurosceptic Tories wanting to leave the EU could see Japan and the United States take their investments elsewhere.

“Moreover, our status as a popular destination for job-creating investment from Japan and the US and mainland Europe could well be jeopardised by careless talk from some of my coalition Cabinet colleagues, let alone the backbench of Bones and Hollobones, about leaving the European Union and the single market.”

New Policies Introduced to Reduce Net Migration

The Tories plan is to reduce net migration to the tens of thousands by the next election. Their aim to do this has led to the implementation of new policies which include capping the number of people employers are allowed to bring in to the UK from outside the EU to work in skilled professions, as well as limiting them to entrepreneurs, investors and those deemed to be “exceptionally” talented.

Further, students intending on coming to the UK are required to speak English at an ‘upper intermediate’ level rather than the ‘lower intermediate’ level which was the previous requirement. These new changes to the UK’s immigration laws may be putting off students and investors alike.

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