VFS Global UK: Increase Fee for Priority Visa Service in India

Indian travelers have been left disappointed by the UK, as the fee for priority visa service has risen from Rs 4,400 to Rs 10,500. VFS Global stated that the rise in fee came into effect on the 1 April 2014. This news comes along with UK Visas and Immigration representatives announcing that it would be providing a ‘Passport Passback’ service for the first time to all locations in India, as well as the opening of new Visa Application Centre’s (VAC’s) in Mumbai and Kolkata. British Deputy High Commissioner to Eastern India, Scott Furssedonn-Wood, commented that there was a need for improved services due to the fact that applications for UK visas had increased.

Increase in Immigration Visa Application fees disappoint Indian travelers

Rajesh Rateria of Cirrus Travels, Kala Ghoda, commented on the increase of the priority service:

“The hike has not been appreciated by travellers. We have been getting a lot of queries about the high cost. For a family of four, the fee will run into over Rs 40,000. The Passport Back service is a good idea. Now with the priority visas costing more, travellers are likely to wait for a month to obtain visas at a cost of Rs 8,715 for minimum six-month validity.”

According to the VFS Global the ‘Passport Passback’ service will be capped to 75 slots per day. The service will allow applicants to travel or apply for other visas, whilst they are waiting for the outcome of their pending application.

Indian Visa Centres Opened to Improve Customer Services for Indian Migrants to UK

Mumbai VACs, are located at Bandra-Kurla Complex and Nariman Point and intend to provide an “enhanced experience” for visa applicants in Mumbai. The UK’s partnership with VFS Global has now been extended until 2019 and the government hopes that the contract will forsee major refurbishment of all VACs. Mentoring processing speed, convenience of application process and a ‘fair’ price are being marketed as some of the advantages the UK Government hopes to provide showing that the UK is ‘open for business, visitors and students.’

Sir James Bevan, UK High Commissioner to India: ‘We issue more Visas to Indians than to any other Nationality’

There has been a number changes to visa fees, immigration and nationality applications and services, which have come into fruition this year. Some Indian applicants may not be happy but Sir James Bevan has said:

“Nine out of 10 Indians who apply for a UK visa get one. We issue more visas to Indians than to any other nationality in the world: over 400,000 in 2013. People think we are issuing fewer visas than in the past. Wrong again: we issued 5 per cent more visas to Indians in 2013 than in 2012.”

Successful UK Visa Applications & Appeals for Indian Migrants

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