Submitting an application for a UK work visa

The UK is a popular destination for migrant workers to take up employment as there are a vast number of opportunities. However, in order to get a work permit for the UK, Applicants must satisfy all of the Home Office requirements and get the required amount of points for the relevant points-based system application. Our immigration solicitors in London regularly prepare successful UK work visa applications and are happy to arrange a consultation to assess your circumstances and see whether your prospective job role or experience is suitable to apply for a UK work visa.

How can I get work visa for UK?

Any non-EEA national who wants to come to the UK specifically to take up employment will need to apply for a UK work visa either under Tier 2 or Tier 5 of the points-based system; depending on the type of work they intend to do. Tier 2 work visas allow migrants to take up long-term work, whereas Tier 5 visas are for temporary jobs and contracts only. Regardless of which UK work visa route Applicants apply under, they first need to be offered a job from an employer who holds a valid sponsor licence. Once a Tier 2 or Tier 5 Applicant has received a job offer and Certificate of Sponsorship (“CoS”) from the employer, they can then proceed with preparing the application which must be done within 3 months of the CoS being issued. Tier 2 and Tier 5 applications will automatically be refused without a valid CoS. A CoS may also only be used once.

Is a UK work visa easy to get?

The UK’s current immigration system is notoriously complex, with a strict set of specific requirements and documents needed for each different visa. Therefore, without a correct understanding of the UK’s immigration system, it can be difficult to successfully get a UK visa. However, with the correct assistance from our business immigration solicitors in London, your UK work visa application is more likely to succeed if we are able to demonstrate that all of the requirements can be met.

How much is a work visa for UK?

The Home Office application fees for a UK work visa will vary depending on the Applicant’s circumstances such as whether the application is made outside or within the UK, the length of the visa, if the job is on the shortage occupation list or part of the new health and care branch of the Tier 2 visa and the Applicant’s nationality. For in-country applications, there will also be a fee of £19.20 added to the application for having to submit the Applicant’s biometric information, as well as additional fees for booking an appointment at a visa application support centre (applicable for both entry clearance and in-country applications) and priority service fees if the Applicant wants to receive a faster decision. All except health and care visa Applicants will also have to pay the Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) as part of the application, in order to give them access to NHS care and services whilst in the UK. Dependents will also need to pay an application fee and IHS fee in addition to the main Applicant.

Whilst the Home Office publishes its’ up to date visa fees so you can check how much your visa will cost before you apply, it can sometimes be difficult to navigate Home Office publications, therefore, if you contact our immigration team to arrange a consultation, we can also tell you all of the applicable fees to your case before you apply.

How long does it take to get a UK work visa?

An Applicant can make an application for a UK work visa no more than 3 months before the start date of the employment. Once an application is then submitted, it can take 3 weeks for the application to be processed and a decision made. However, if a case is not straightforward and in current Coronavirus times, it can take longer. It is also possible for Applicants both in the UK and abroad to purchase a priority service as mentioned above in order to get a fast-tracked decision within 24 hours or 5 working days. Again, however, due to Coronavirus, many priority services have been temporarily suspended.

Using our Immigration Solicitors in London submit a UK work visa application

Legal representatives, such as our specialist immigration and visa law firm, are qualified to advise you on immigration law and your immigration matter. You can instruct one of our immigration and visa legal representatives to successfully assist you with an application to submit a UK work visa application. Our solicitors and Barristers will help you comply with the Home Office’s requirements and meet the Immigration Rules.

Caseworkers at the Home Office are trained to reject applications, which are improperly prepared, for example by failing to provide the correct supporting evidence. In order to ensure your application succeeds, our solicitors and barristers will ensure all specified documents must be provided.

The UK Immigration Rules are complex and a legal representative can help ensure that your application meets the Immigration Rules.

Successful UK work visa applications with our Immigration Solicitors in London

Our team of solicitors and barristers are specialist immigration lawyers who act in your best interest. We offer a client-tailored approach from the outset. From the very first meeting, we will be able to advise you in respect of your prospects of submitting a visa application before your application even reaches the Home Office UK Visa & Immigration department. We can assist you with the preparation and submission of a UK work visa application and ensure that you meet all the requirements under the Immigration Rules.

We are based in the legal epicentre of London, just across the road from the Royal Courts of Justice in order to ensure we get the best results for our clients.  We are minutes away from the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal, the Royal Courts of Justice and other central London courts.

Preparation is the key to successful immigration applications. Our UK immigration and visa solicitors are here to guide you through the complex immigration rules and requirements. If you wish to meet one of our lawyers, please call our Immigration Team so we can assess your case and arrange your legal consultation to discuss a UK work visa application. Contact our London immigration solicitors on 02071830570 or complete our contact form.

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