UK Migration: Increase in Migrants Acquiring British Citizenship

Figures released by Brussels yesterday, revealed that Britain had granted more migrants citizenship in 2012 than any other country in the European Union. The figures show that 193,900 migrants were granted British passports over the year accounting for nearly a quarter of the EU total. Those granted British citizenship will have unrestricted entry to the UK and will be free to work within the UK with no restrictions.

Brussels: Increase in UK Citizenship

It seems that most of those who were granted citizenship were from India (14.6%), followed by Pakistan (9.5%), Nigeria (4.6%) and Philippines (4.2%). On a whole, records show that Britain topped the list of those EU member states granting citizenship, with 23.7%, followed by Germany on 14%, France on 11.7%, Spain on 11.5%, Italy on 8% and Sweden on 6.1%.

Speaking on the latest figures, Carlos Vargas-Silva, deputy director of the Migration Observatory at Oxford University commented:

“The UK is the leader in terms of people acquiring citizenship in the EU and one of the reasons this is happening is because of migration from the Commonwealth. They come to join established networks and families so they want to acquire citizenship.”

An interesting fact to note is that the average age of new EU citizens was 31 and more than a third were under 25.

British Citizenship is a “Privilege”

Those wishing to apply for British citizenship by naturalisation may be able to do so if:

  • they are 18 or over;
  • they are of good character;
  • they will continue to live in the UK; and
  • they have met the knowledge of English and Life in the UK requirements.

The Home Office recognises that British citizenship is a privilege and expects those wishing to settle in the UK to demonstrate they are ready and able to integrate into society.

A Home Office spokesman states:

“This government has made the acquisition of citizenship harder and all applicants are required to pass both the new, revised Life in the UK test and have the relevant English language speaking and listening qualification.”

Successful UK Naturalisation/British Citizenship Applications & Appeals

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