UK Immigration: Visitor Visa Refusal Leaves Couple Unable to See Disabled Son

Today, it has been reported that the refusal of a Visitor Visa for Pakistani parents of a severely disabled young man  based in Dundee, Scotland has gone unresolved. Mohammed Hussain and Saffia Bibi Hussain made headlines last year when their UK Visitor Visa was refused despite obtaining numerous UK Visitor Visas to see their son previously. The legal guardian of Mr and Mrs Hussain’s son is a relative based in Scotland and he was due to have crisis talks with the UK Home Office last month. Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding the  meeting never happened and Mr and Mrs Hussain have yet to see their son. 

UK Home Office Refusal Goes Unresolved

Tubarik is a 20 year old man is a severely mentally handicapped  individual who is currently based in Scotland with his legal guardian Sandy Sarwar. Due to Tubarik disability he is unable to travel to Pakistan to visit his family. Last spring Mr and Mrs Hussain made a UK Visitor Visa to see Tubarik but was refused by the Home Office. The couple attempted to make another visa application but this was also refused. The visa applications were refused on the basis that the Home Office believed that they would not return to Pakistan. This is surprising considering the fact that the couple have visited Tubarik in Scotland several times and complied with their visa conditions.

After receiving the refusal Tubarik’s guardian Sandy Sarwar was due to hold crunch talks last month with a Home Office official in Glasgow, accompanied by Dundee East MP Stewart Hosie. When both Mr Sarwar and Mr Hosie made their way to Glasgow they were told that the Home Office official that they were meant to be meeting was making his way to Dundee. Understandably Mr Sarwa was furious and demanded a resolution.

“… nobody at the Home Office seemed to know about the meeting. I couldn’t believe it when they said the guy had gone up to Dundee instead. The two women said we’d just have to re-apply. So that’s another £83 per person — Tubarik’s parents have spent hundreds trying to get here. I feel like they’re fobbing us off — that the Home Office is just a money-making machine. It also shows how organised they are if they can’t even organise a meeting properly.”

Mr and Mrs Hussain now plan to make a third Visitor Visa application with the intention of providing ‘as many details about their possessions in Pakistan as possible’, to prove to the UK Home Office that they will return to Pakistan once their visa expires.

Are You Eligible for a Visitor Visa?

You can apply for a UK Visitor Visa if you wish to come to the UK to see friends or family or as a tourist. It is possible for family members settled in the UK to sponsor your visit. Entry clearance is mandatory only for visa nationals as non-visa nationals are granted leave to enter as General Visitors upon arrival at a UK port. In order to be considered eligible for a Visitor Visa you must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Plan to visit the UK for a maximum of 6 months and leave at the end of that period; and
  • Be able to show that you have enough money to support your stay in the UK and be able to accommodate yourself.

If you wish to apply for a Visitor Visa our expert Immigration Solicitor will be able to assist you with your visa application and queries. We will prepare your visa application and provide you with a bespoke document list tailored to your circumstances and in accordance with the UK immigration requirements. We will ensure that all key points are substantiated with documentary evidence thereby leading to a successful application and avoiding unnecessary expense of re submitting your application to the Home Office.

Contact us for successful UK Visitor Visa application

If you have been refused a visitor’s visa, your appeal rights are limited; please contact our expert immigration team to explore your options in light of the Home Office’s refusal decision.

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