UK Immigration: Universities Expanding For International Students

This month, it was revealed that Universities in London are planning to expand with expectations that the number of international students coming to the capital will increase. It is quite a gamble that Universities are willing to put millions of pounds into expanding their campuses despite the fact that UK political debates are focused on tightening the visa routes for non-EU students and workers. 

London is a Huge Magnet for International Students

According to the Office of national statistics, the number of migrants being granted Tier 4 Students visas increased from 175,000 to 192,000 in the year ending September 2014. Over the same period, visa applications to study at a UK university increased by 2% to 171,065.

The UK is said to be the second most popular destination for international students after the United States of America. The UK continues to be a popular location for students wanting to study outside their country of origin, as the English language is still viewed as the “global language”. University College London (UCL) is one of the Universities expanding by building UCL East which is reportedly costing £350m and will be located in the Olympic Park in Stratford.

UCL’s president, Michael Arthur stated his reasoning for expanding the Universities campus:

“International demand is soaring. For us, that’s partly our reputational growth and league table positions . . . and it is partly being in London. London is a huge, huge magnet for international students. They want to be in the capital city and they want to come to a good university and we happen to be both. So we are experiencing 6-7 per cent growth a year.”

Immigration  Restrictions Will Hinder London’s Ability to Attract International Students

The treatment of international students in the UK has been a hot topic of debate in politics running up to the May 2015 General Elections. There are fears that the current UK Immigration Rules may threaten the prospects of new international students coming to the UK. In addition to the lack of opportunity after international students have graduated and the new NHS health surcharge, international student’s tuition fees can be up to four times as much as UK and EU students pay.

Earlier this year a report commissioned by London Mayor Boris Johnson confirmed that London is the leading global hub for attracting international talent. According to the report, London has more international graduates than any other city in Europe reflecting both the strength and depth of its leading institutions. But with the continual debates on how the immigration system, in particular the Tier 4 Student visa being abused by migrants who just want to enter the UK and not pursue education will hinder London’s ability to attract talent from around the world.

Successful UK Tier 4 Student Visa Applications & Appeals

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