UK Immigration: Skilled Migrant Workers Help UK Economy Grow

This week, Jim O’Neill told business leaders in the UK that he is baffled by people in the UK who do not like immigration because migrants, in particular Skilled migrants, are needed to contribute to the UK’s economy growth. Speaking at the ‘SUMMIT: The future of Growth’, which took place at Bloomberg’s London headquarter, O’Neill, who is the former Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management stressed the importance of migration in the UK.

Jim O’Neill: British People Don’t Seem to Like Immigration

In 29 April 2015, the ‘SUMMIT: The future of Growth’ took place and was created by Seven Hill to allow potential businesses and entrepreneurs to listen to and meet founders of Britain’s most exciting growth companies and leading figures from public life. The intention is for future business leaders in the UK to understand what goes into making successful businesses.

One of the speakers, Jim O’Neill, has been a long supporter of migrants coming to the UK with the intention to work. He even published a report in October 2014, in which he stated that the treatment of migrants is failing cities across the UK in need of highly-skilled talent. Speaking at the SUMMIT Jim spoke about the UK’s public attitude towards immigration:

“British people don’t seem to like immigration and it’s strange to me. You need skilled immigrants to contribute to economic growth. There is something wrong going on in society.”

Businesses in the UK Rely on Migrant Workers

Businesses up and down the UK have long argued that they need skilled migrants in order for their businesses to grow and expand. Not only do migrants have the skills and the knowledge that may lack in the UK itself but they bring diversity and different ideas to already successful UK businesses. Surely this is more than enough to encourage the future UK Government to agree to ease Immigration Rules for migrants who want to come to the UK to work and abolish the current 20,700 cap on skilled migrant workers.

As we have seen over the last month there are still UK political parties that do not want to budge on limiting the number of migrants allowed into the UK. There seems to be a constant fight on assuring the UK public that they will do everything in their power to reduce migration. Understandably, employers and business leaders are not happy with the view that immigration is bad for the UK, as they are well aware that businesses in the UK rely on migrant workers. Not just in high skilled jobs but also in low skilled jobs. As we mentioned earlier this week, Labour leader Ed Miliband was able to alleviate some of the negativity towards migration when he revealed that they would remove the current 20,700 cap on skilled migrant workers.

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