UK Immigration: Married Couple Face Separation after UK Visa Refusal

In news reports today, it has been reported that a married couple from Norfolk may be separated from each other after an immigration judge ruled against their immigration appeal. Arlene, a Philippines national met Stephen Watty, a British national in 2010 and have since been together. Arlene who arrived in the UK on a student visa, made an application for leave to remain which was subsequently refused by the Home Office. After appealing the decision, an Immigration Judge has now dismissed the appeal leaving the couple at a cross roads.

UK Immigration Appeal for Leave to Remain Dismissed

After arriving in the UK on a student visa, Arlene made an application for leave to remain on the basis of her marriage to Stephen Watty, a British national. The application was subsequently refused by the Home Office and the couple appealed the decision. Two weeks ago, an immigration judge dismissed the appeal and stated that sending Arlene back to the Philippines would not be “disproportionate or unjustifiably harsh” and if the couple wish to remain together they could leave the UK and relocate to Philippines.

The judge’s decision has now sparked an outcry and more than 400 people have signed a petition backing the Newport couple in their struggle against deportation. The couple have received support from their neighbours and Stephen Watty has vowed to “do anything to keep [Arlene] here.”

British Citizen Faces Separation from Philippines Wife

Speaking on the possibility of separation from Arlene, Stephen Watty stated:

“Today I’ve got an incredible wife, I’ve the respect of the local community, I run my own business and I have two cars in the driveway…To then be told that your country doesn’t want you, it’s a kick in the stomach.”

Arlene now faces returning to her home country so she can make an application to join her husband in the UK again. The couple believe that this could be a lengthy process and will cause them to be separated from each other.

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