UK Home Secretary Theresa May Getting Tough on Immigration

This week, Home Secretary Theresa May spoke about intentionally toughening the UK Immigration Rules in order to avoid illegal migrants from working in the UK. The Home Secretary explained that tougher Immigration Rules had been put into place particularly for international students as the Tier 4 Student visa route was being used as “back door” into work. 

Theresa May: Changes Across the Board to Control Immigration

Theresa May mentioned that one of the changes that are making it tougher for migrants outside the EU to come to the UK is the change in the English language requirement. Not only has the level English language skills been raised but the number of approved providers has been cut down to just two.

“We have changed every route leading from outside the EU into the UK. We have rooted out – and continue to root out – abuses in students. 860 colleges can’t take foreign students because effectively it was a back door into work. We have raised the level of English language that is required for visa arrangements to enter the UK. We have made changes across the board to control immigration.”

The number of Student visas (excluding student visitors) granted rose slightly to 220,116 in 2014, with university sponsored applications stable and 10% fewer applications from the further education sector. It is yet to be seen how the new Immigration Rules implemented this week will impact on the number of international students come to the UK to pursue their education.

Theresa May also went on to speak on behalf of those who are concerned that migrants are coming to the UK and taking jobs over UK nationals. May revealed that she had conducted independent work which showed that migrants do have restraints on jobs for people already living in the UK. However, she failed to go into detail as to how or when she conducted this research. Furthermore, explaining that these concerns will lead to tougher Immigration Rules for non-EU migrants coming to the UK with the intention to work.

Are You Affected by the Current UK Immigration Rules?

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