UK Government’s Contract with Capita to Find “Illegal Migrants”

Last week, the UK government revealed that since the beginning of the Capita Contact Management Service, 4,160 persons have departed the UK as a result of Capita Contact. In September 2012, Capita Business Services were awarded a contract with the UK Border Agency to provide a range of “contact management and caseworking services.” This in effect meant that they were hired to help find and remove more than 150,000 migrants who had overstayed their visas. Capita has also previously been criticised for sending thousands of text messages to migrants in the UK, ordering them to “leave the country.”

Capita Hired by Home Office to Find Illegal Migrants in UK

Last year, in a deal worth up to £40m, Capita were hired by the UK government to find 174,000 migrants who had been denied permission to stay in the UK and had gone missing in the UK. The existence of this backlog was revealed by the Chief Inspector of Immigration John Vine who discovered it during his first inspection of a local immigration team.

It was reported in the media in January this year, that Capita had been provided with information from the Home Office which at times it admits was inaccurate. Among those contacted by text and email were a woman with a UK passport and man with a valid visa who had invested £1m in a UK business.

Deporting Foreign Nationals with ‘no right to be in the UK’

Under UK immigration law, if a deportation order has been made against a foreign national, it not only authorises their removal but also renders them liable to be held in custody until they are removed.  The general presumption is that the deportation order is in the interests of the public good and that this consideration will outweigh all other factors – unless his deportation would breach his human rights.

It is understandable that a person living in the UK with no immigration status may have been here for many years such as if they were brought to the UK as a child. During this time, they may have adopted the culture and built strong relationships with settled persons. They may even have a family in the UK and as a result of many years living away from their home country may have severed ties. In these situations, these persons should seek legal advice on making their stay in the UK permanent legally.

Legal Advice for Illegal Migrants Contacted by Capita in the UK

Illegal migrants with strong Human Rights arguments ought to take legal advice and regularise their stay in the UK as soon as possible and before it is too late. If you have received correspondence from Capita, it is advisable that you seek immediate legal advice before enforcement action is taken against you by the Home Office.

Contact us to discuss your immigration situation and we will assess your case and provide you with options of regularising your stay.

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