UK Government Withholds Report on Impact of Migration on UK Workers

This morning, it was reported that Downing Street have blocked publication of a politically sensitive report that shows the impact of immigration on the job prospects of British workers is well below that claimed by ministers. The cross governmental report suggests “displacement” – the number of British workers unemployed as a result of immigration – is well below the figure used by ministers of 23 for every 100 additional migrants. It has been suggested that the report was completed last year but has not been released amid concerns that it could prove politically awkward. 

Immigration Report Challenging Impact on UK Jobs ‘Blocked’ by Government

Ministers, in particular Home Secretary Theresa May, have repeatedly cited research in 2012 by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) which concluded that “for every additional 100 immigrants … 23 British workers would not be employed”. It now seems that the government’s report which remains hidden from the public, contradicts that and instead new official research now shows that 87% or 367,000 of the 425,000 new jobs in the UK economy in the past year went to British workers. Only 54,000 of the extra jobs in the economy, or 13%, went to foreign nationals.

Speaking on BBC Newsnight last night, Liberal Democrat MP Julian Huppert stated:

“It’s obvious that this report should be published as quickly as possible. We have to have the right figures, so we can make the right decisions, so that we get the best people here to help our economy.”

New Statistics “Radically Different” from MAC’s 2012 Report

The new study by civil servants is much less pessimistic than the Migration Advisory Committee’s 2012 report which was published after the number of British workers in jobs fell by 166,000 and foreign nationals in UK jobs rose by 166,000.

David Hanson, Shadow Immigration Minister believes that government should not be keeping their own research hidden and the report should be published immediately.

“The British people should have information made available to them so they can make a judgment about the impact of immigration on jobs. This should be done on the basis of fact not more empty rhetoric or spin from the government,” he said.

“We need an open, calm and fact based debate on the impact of immigration and this should be facilitated by the government and not made harder.”

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