Turkish English Teacher Joins Family in UK after Immigration Row

The Scottish Government has raised their concerns about the UK’s current family migration rules following the case of an English teacher who has been reunited with her family in the UK.

Jilda Clark, the wife of an Scots academic was refused entry to the UK as the UK Border Agency (UKBA) were not satisfied that she had basic knowledge of the English language.

UKBA: Difficult English Language Rules

Jilda Clark had wanted to join her husband in the UK so she could be close to his frail parents Phillip, 86 and Irene, 88 from Ayr, Scotland but had her visa application refused.

Jilda had protested that her English qualifications in Turkey would be sufficient and the fact that she had been an English teacher for 24 years should be sufficient to prove that she could meet the English language requirements which need to be met for settlement applications.

The Scottish Government raised their concerns about the immigration laws with Westminster and following this the UK Government made an almighty U-turn in the case.

UK Immigration Rules: Scottish Government Very Concerned

Ruth Steele, a senior policy advisor wrote to the family and stated:

“The Scottish Government is very concerned that the UK Government’s restrictions on family migration are having a damaging impact on many ordinary, hard-working UK citizens.

In addition, Scottish ministers have written to the Minister for Immigration on several occasions to raise these issues.”

Are you affected by the UKBA’s ‘English Language Requirement’?

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