Turkish Businessperson Visas under the Ankara Agreement

Turkish nationals planning to start a new business in the UK or to come to the UK to help to run an established business can apply for a UK Turkish Businessperson visa under the Turkish European Community Agreement (ECAA), also referred to as an Ankara Agreement.

The Ankara Agreement, made in 1963, aimed towards the accession of Turkey into the European Economic Community (EEC).

Turkish Businessperson Visa requirements

We assist Turkish nationals in coming to the UK as businesspersons from outside the UK. Amongst the requirements which you will need to meet, you will firstly need to show your genuine intention to set up a viable business.  Secondly, you must have the funds to establish your proposed business and be able to bear the costs of running the business. Finally, your share of profits needs to be sufficient to support you and your dependants.

If you wish to join an existing business you will also need to show that you will have an active part in running the business and that there is a genuine need for your services and investment.

Your rights under a UK ‘Ankara Visa’

The application for a visa can be submitted up to 3 months before the planned date of travel to the UK.  The decision is usually made within 3 weeks when applying from outside the UK.

Turkish businessmen and women will be able to use the visa to stay in the UK for 12 months, but you will be eligible for an extension of 3 years. In order to apply for an extension, you would need to demonstrate that your business is ongoing, that you are able to pay your share of the costs of running the business and that your share of profits will be enough to support you and your dependants. You can apply to settle in the UK if you have had a Turkish Businessperson visa for four years.

Switching to a Turkish Businessperson Visa

Turkish nationals may be able to switch to a Turkish Businessperson visa from another category. You would need to be in the UK legally, meet the above-mentioned eligibility requirements and not be running a business in the UK that’s not allowed on your current visa.

Legal Advice from UK Immigration Solicitors on Turkish Businessperson Visa

The evidence required to support an Ankara Agreement application is bespoke to each case and the Home Office do not provide specific guidance about what will be sufficient therefore you may wish to take legal advice when making a UK Ankara visa application.

Our expert team of lawyers have extensive knowledge of making applications for Turkish nationals under the Ankara Agreement. We also handle immigration appeals for those who have had their Ankara visa applications refused. We can assist you with the preparation of your visa application and ensure that you meet all the requirements of the relevant rules. We will ensure that all key points are substantiated with documentary evidence thereby leading to a successful application and avoiding the unnecessary expense of re-submitting your application to the Home Office.

If you wish to consider your options, please call our Immigration Team so we can assess your matter and if necessary advise you of the next steps you should take in a consultation.

We are based in the legal epicentre of London, just across the road from the Royal Courts of Justice in order to ensure we get the best results for our clients.  We are minutes away from the Immigration and Asylum Tribunal, the Royal Courts of Justice and other central London courts.

If you need professional legal advice about applying for a UK Ankara Turkish Businessperson Visa please contact us for a case assessment on 02071830570. You can also reach us via our contact form

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