UK Immigration: Home Office Reverses Medical Visitor Visa Refusal

Last week, it was reported that the Home Office reversed its controversial decision to refuse the visa to a women who wanted to come to the UK to donate a kidney to her seriously ill brother. Keisha Rushton, a Jamaican national wanted to come to the UK to help her brother Oliver Cameron who had suffered near fatal renal failure in 2012. Keisha’s initial application for  private medical visitor visa was refused on the basis that the Home Office was not satisfied that she was a genuine visitor for these purposes. The Home Office has since reversed their decision. 

Private Medical Treatment Visitor Visa ‘Unfairly Refused’

Oliver came to the UK in 1999 after marrying a British national and spent more than a decade working in North London. The couple have four children together who are also British citizens. After suffering a  near-fatal renal failure in December 2012, Oliver spent more than a week in intensive care. Oliver was told that he needed a kidney transplant and without one he would need dialysis to keep him alive. After his older sister , Keisha Rushton, was found to be compatible, the operation was arranged to take place in October 2013. However, Keisha’s visa application was refused.

After the Home Office refused Keisha’s  application, Diane Abbott, who is Mr Cameron’s local MP, commented:

“This was an exceptionally cruel decision by the Home Office. I tried to argue Mr Cameron’s case but officials were not interested. I believe that officials could have exercised more compassion. But the current climate of political debate on immigration means that we are seeing more of these harsh decisions.”

This month, the Home Office revoked its decision to refuse Keisha a visa. It is understood that the immigration minister, James Brokenshire examined the case personally and overturned the initial ruling.

Sunder Katwala, the director of the thinktank British Future, said:

“It’s a relief to finally see a decision on this case that is based on compassion and common sense. I think most people, regardless of their politics, thought that denying a visa to Oliver’s sister was a step too far.”

Conditions of Private Medical Visitor Visa

Private Medical Treatment Visas are suitable for those who wish to travel to the UK for a short time to receive treatment for a medical condition (which must be paid for privately and not funded under the National Health Service). The UK has some of the highest quality health care in the world and the government is aware that medical provisions in the UK may be more advanced or suitable for individuals from other countries. This visa is only for those travelling to the UK for the sole purposes of receiving medical treatment and care so will not be suitable if you intend on visiting the UK for other purposes. 

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