Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

The UK domestic worker visa serves as the primary immigration pathway for migrant workers aiming to join private households in the country. This comprehensive guide explores the rules, requirements, and application procedures for the overseas domestic worker visa, providing valuable insights for those seeking to bring their household staff to the UK.

Domestic Worker Visa Requirements

To qualify for a domestic worker visa, individuals must meet specific criteria, including being aged 19 or over, residing with the employer outside the UK, and having worked in a domestic capacity for at least 12 months preceding the application. The intention to travel to the UK for a trip lasting no more than six months and a commitment to work as a full-time domestic worker are also prerequisites.

Applicants must demonstrate financial self-sufficiency without relying on public funds and ensure compliance with general grounds for refusal.

How to Apply for a Domestic Worker Visa from Outside the UK

Prospective domestic workers must apply for entry clearance in advance, submitting online applications and providing biometric information at an overseas visa application centre. The application can be made up to three months before the planned travel date, with decisions expected within three weeks, or faster with priority services.

It is essential for employers to bear the application costs, including travel expenses, with fees amounting to £637. Additional charges apply for priority services, allowing quicker decision times.

Domestic Worker Visa Supporting Documents

Applicants are required to submit various documents, including a valid passport, financial proof of self-sufficiency, a letter from the employer confirming employment, and a signed agreement outlining the terms and conditions of employment. Additional documents may be necessary depending on individual circumstances, requiring certified translations if not in English or Welsh.

Extending an Overseas Domestic Worker Visa

The maximum stay for a domestic worker in the UK is six months. Extensions are not permitted within the country, necessitating a reapplication from overseas. However, individuals under the pre-2012 rules enjoy more flexibility, with options to extend for 12-month periods and the possibility of settlement.

Applying for an Extension or Settlement

Eligible individuals can apply online for extensions or settlement, providing necessary documentation such as a letter from the employer and evidence of meeting settlement criteria. Costs for these applications vary, with decisions typically made within eight weeks.

Overseas Domestic Workers & UK Employment Rights

While domestic workers are restricted to working within private households, they are entitled to certain employment rights, including payment of at least the National Minimum Wage (“NMW”). Employers must adhere to detailed written statements covering employment conditions, failing which legal action may be taken.

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Domestic Worker Visa FAQs

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Successfully Submit a Domestic Worker Visa Application

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