Nick Clegg Opposes ‘Indiscriminate’ UK Immigration Bonds

In June 2013, Theresa May announced a pilot scheme to make visitors from India (as well as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria) pay a £3000 bond when applying for visas as visitors from these countries were considered to pose the highest risk of overstaying. Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg has spoken out against these plans and said he opposed the indiscriminate plans revealing a split within the UK’s Conservative led coalition government.

UK Immigration Bonds “Certainly Not Going Ahead”

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said his Liberal Democrat party and its Conservative coalition partners had “differences of emphasis” on the plan and details were still being discussed in government.

Speaking to the BBC, Nick Clegg stated:

“I am absolutely not interested in a bond which becomes an indiscriminate way of clobbering people who want to come to this country.”

He said that he will try to block any attempt to make foreign visitors pay the security deposit and they will “certainly not go ahead.”

‘Go Home’ Immigration Vans Will Not Return

Nick Clegg’s comments follow Jeremy Browne, Home Office minister’s comments that the “go home” vans which have proved to be deeply controversial will not return to the streets and he will not agree to proposals which will see their return.

Jeremy Browne insisted that border authorities should still have the power to stop people, as it was important for public safety and national security.

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