UK Immigration: Home Office Refuses Indian Charity Workers Visitor Visas

In news reports today, a Vicar has spoken out against the Home Office after they refused to grant visas to his charity worker friends from India who wished to visit the UK. The applicants Hansi and Kath Jain, have been left disappointed as the Home Office refused their application on the basis that they had provided insufficent evidence of their personal and financial circumstances. Rev Andy Lindop commented on the refusal of his friend’s application as “immigration paranoia” and spoke of his disappointment at the harsh immigration rules.

UK Home Office Refuses UK Visitor Visas

Hansi and Kath Jain are Indian charity workers who met Rev Andy Lindop 35 years ago while on missionary work in India. The couple had intended to visit friends in the UK who had supported them in their charitable work and wanted to raise awareness of their work in India.

Rev Andy Lindop believes that the Home Office refused Hansi and Kath Jain visa applications’ as they were not satisfied that the couple would leave the UK at the end of their visit or that they would not be able to afford the duration of their trip to the UK. Rev Andy Lindop provided written assurances with the application that he would guarantee the couple would meet the costs.

Rev Andy Lindop said:

“They are my friends and have been coming to Britain for years. Their life and work are in India and they have always gone home. There is no reason for them not to. It seems to me that the government has become so paranoid about illegal immigrants that it now refuses tourist visas to visitors like Kath and Anu. If you are rich you are welcome to come here, but if you are not, you can’t. This is a ridiculous decision and I am extremely hurt that my government should question my integrity as well as showing such an inhospitable attitude.”

Mr lindop has now turned to Bury North MP David Nuttall, in hope of getting his support to overturn the visa refusal decision.

Eligibility for General Visitor Visa and Appeals

You are deemed eligible to apply for a General Visitor visa if you are:

  • Aged 18 or over;
  • Your trip to the UK is for leisure and you have no plan to study or work during your trip;
  • You are not planning to travel to another country, except for Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands; and 
  • You have to be able to maintain yourself financially through the duration and return of your trip.

If your immigration application has been refused you may be able to do one of the following:

  • lodge an appeal to the immigration and asylum tribunal;
  • Submit a reconsideration request; or
  • For those who are applying outside the UK can ask for an administrative review.

Successful UK Visa Applications & Appeals for Migrants

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