How Will Conservatives Win Affect UK Immigration?

It’s official, David Cameron is back in No 10 as the Conservative party wins the majority of the seats in Parliament. So what does this mean for immigration in the UK? As we reported back in April 2015 the UK Conservative party published their manifesto which did not receive a warm reaction for business leaders from across the UK. Now we will look at the Governments further plans to control immigration in a way that benefits the UK. 

David Cameron’s Plan for Immigration

According to the Conservative’s manifesto, the political party is planning to control immigration that will put the British public and their family first. The aim is to reduce the number of migrants coming to the UK and toughening the enforcement of the UK Immigration Rules. Conservative’s plan of action:

  • Reforming Welfare Rules for EU nationals: EU nationals that want to claim tax credits and child benefits must have lived and contributed to the UK for at least 4 years. Furthermore, in order to reduce EU migration the party is planning to stop the ability of EU job seekers to claim any job-seeking benefits. In addition to this if an EU migrant has not found a job within the first 6 months of being in the UK they will be required to leave the country.
  • Free Movement & Non-EU spouses: They do not want new Member States of the EU to benefit from free movement until their economies are closer to existing Member States. The Conservative party also want to negotiate a plan with the EU to introduce stronger powers to deport criminals and stop them coming back to the UK. Furthermore, non-EU migrants wishing to join their EU spouses in the UK can expect tougher requirements such as an income threshold and English language test.
  • Maintaining the cap on Skilled migrants: The cap of 20,700 will stay during the next Parliament. This means that visas will only be granted to those under the Tier 2 visa category who have the skills that the Government believe the UK needs.
  • Deport first, appeal later: This rule has already  been implemented, but it will now be extended to all immigration appeals and judicial reviews, including immigration cases based on right to family life. They will also implement a new removal strategy to take away any opportunities for migrants to delay the process of their removal.
  • Stopping illegal working and exploitation: Introducing tougher labour market regulation to tackle illegal working and exploitation.
  • Ease pressure on public services & local communities: Firstly, the party are aiming to recover up to £500 million from migrants who use the NHS by the middle of next Parliament. Furthermore, communities that have a high volume of migrants will see the introduction of “Controlling Migration Fund”. This is being created to prevent industries that are becoming too reliant on migrants to provide long term plans for training British workers.
  • Promoting British values: The introduction of tougher English language tests and the reduction of Councils spending on translation services. Any migrant worker in a customer facing role will be required to speak English fluently. Furthermore, applicants who know only basic English will be expected to show their progression in the fluency of the language if they want to extend their UK visa.

Conservatives Believe in Controlled Immigration, not Mass Immigration

From the Conservatives manifesto the political party is planning to become tougher, more stringent and more determined to reduce migration from both the EU and outside the EU. Despite what the Conservative party have highlighted in their manifesto they do recognize the benefits of immigration.

“Conservatives believe in controlled immigration, not mass immigration. Immigration brings real benefits to Britain – to our economy, our culture and our national life. We will always be a party that is open, outwardlooking and welcoming to people from all around the world.”

Only time will tell how the Government’s plan will fare for immigration in the UK and whether it will have a positive or negative effect on the UK.

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