Home Secretary Amber Rudd announces plans to Restrict Tier 2 Work Visas and Tier 4 Student Visas

This week, Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, announced new plans to cut immigration into the UK by imposing major restrictions on Tier 4 foreign students visas and Tier 2 Work visas. Businesses and Employers and Trade Sectors have announced their outrage at the plans as it is bound to affect UK economy and in particular the Tech Sector have stated that plans to cut down the employment of foreign skilled workers will have a huge impact on the growth of the UK tech sector. 

Amber Rudd announced plans for new restrictions on immigration rules.

Restrictions on Tier 2 Work visas

The Home Secretary warned businesses that foreign workers should not be able to “take jobs that British people could do”. Under Rudd’s proposals, companies would be required to disclose the percentage of their non-British workers. The idea is that the Home Office would shortly consult on restricting the Resident Labour Market Test.

The Resident Labour Market Test  must normally be completed by UK companies planning to recruit a skilled worker from outside the European Economic Area, unless the job to be filled is on the UK Shortage Occupation List. The purpose of the test is to ensure that settled workers are given an equal chance to apply for jobs as non-EEA migrants. If no British citizen or EEA national can be identified as a suitable candidate then the selection of the non-EEA national over a settled person must be justified by the sponsor. The Resident Labour Market Test requires employers to prove to UK Visas and Immigration that no native or resident UK worker is available for the role. The Home Secretary stated:

“The test should ensure people coming here are filling gaps in the labour market, not taking jobs British people could do.”

Amber Rudd also announced that mandatory immigration status checks under this year’s legislation, including on those who apply for taxi drivers’ licences, would come into effect this December.

Restrictions on Tier 4 Student visas

The Home Secretary’s idea is to concentrate on linking Tier 4 immigration rules to the quality of colleges and courses. She said she wanted to toughen the immigration rules for studying at low quality colleges. Amber Rudd said:

“We will also look at the first time at whether our student immigration rules should be tailored to the quality of the course and the quality of the educational institution. I’m proud that we have world-leading centres of academic excellence. It’s a testament to our country’s proud history and our top universities’ ability to evolve. But the current system allows all students, irrespective of their talents and the university’s quality, favourable employment prospects when they stop studying.”

We have reported over the last year the number of universities across the UK complaining about the restrictive immigration policies stifling the economy and talent into the UK. The Tier 4 Student route allows international students to come to the UK to study and experience life and culture in the UK.  The UK is seen as a popular destination for international students and is well respected for world class standards of teaching – some of the top universities in the world are in the UK.

Advice from UK Immigration Solicitors on Tier 2 and Tier 4 applications

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