Home Office Releases UK Immigration Statistics for April to June 2013

In a report published today, the Home Office has released its Immigration Statistics for this quarter which aim to provide the public with figures on the levels and trends in numbers of people who are covered by the UK’s immigration control and related processes. Readers can view the full report here and can find below a summary of the Home Office’s Immigration Statistics in relation to visas they have issued to those coming from EEA countries and those from outside the EEA.

UK Home Office’s Release of Immigration Statistics

Figures released in the Home Office’s report show that the number of work, study and family related visas issued to non EEA nationals continued to fall compared with the previous year, although work and study fell less quickly than previously.

UK Visas issued by the Home Office fell to 4% to 501,840 (excluding visitor and transit visas) although this was slightly higher than the year ending March 2013 (499,641).

Summary of Immigration Statistics for UK Visas Issued for Period up to end of June 2013

Figures show the following:

  • There was a 2% fall for work visas issued to 144,554 migrants which can be explained by the closure of the Tier 1 General and Tier 1 Post Study categories;
  • There were 5% fewer study visas issued (to 204,469 including dependants) mainly explained by fewer numbers of Pakistani and Indian students making these applications;
  • There was a fall of 24% for family related visas issued (to 34,201) while grants of permission to stay permanently (60,079) increased by 24%. It seems that the rise of 84% of family related extension of stays was mainly due to 10,256 extensions recorded under the new Family life (10 year) route; and
  • There was a 14% increase in people granted British citizenship (to 204,541).
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