Home Office to increase UK Visa fees for 2016

Earlier this week, The UK Government set out its proposed changes to immigration fees for 2016 to 2017. The changes are due to come into force on 6 April 2016; these include new fees for visas, immigration and nationality applications, and associated premium services. There is a 2% rise for most fees including the short-term visitor visa and most work or study applications and a 25% increase in fees for nationality and settlement visa applications. The Home Office has said that the increases will reduce taxpayer contributions towards the border, immigration and citizenship system and ensure that by 2019–2020 the system is self-funded by those who use it.

Key Changes:

  • As we mentioned above the fees for most applications, including short-term visit, work, and study will increase by 2%.
  • There is a new 2 year visit visa for Chinese nationals being introduced for £85.
  • The Home Office proposes to increase the fees for settlement, residence and nationality by 25%. Applications for naturalisation for adults will increase to £1,156 and child registration fees to £936.
  • Family and spouse visas will cost £1,195 and the maximum chargeable for these applications will be increased from £2,141 to £3,250.
  • Fees for all sponsorship categories will stay at the current rate.  This is good news for businesses, prospective employers and education providers who wish to make an application for a Sponsor Licence.
  • Targeted increases have been applied to premium services, such as the priority visa service.
  • New premium rate phone lines for status checks are also to be introduced costing as much as £1.23 per minute.
  • A new £25 fee for processing invalid applications is also proposed. At the moment, any fee paid for an invalid application is refunded.

You can see the full list of proposed fees in the fees table.

Legal Advice & Successful UK Visa Applications

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