Ed Miliband Plans to Remove UK Immigration Target

Today, Ed Miliband has won over business leaders in the UK, with regards to his plan of removing the immigration target in place to reduce migration in the UK. PM David Cameron and Home Secretary Theresa May previously announced to cut net migration to below 100,000 by the General Elections this year. However, Ed seems to holds a different view stating that the Labour party will not place a specific target on the number of migrants allowed to come to the UK.

Immigration Target Damaged UK’s Reputation

On Thursday 7 May 2015 the UK will have a new Government and Labour may be in the lead with Ed Miliband’s recent statement. Many political parties have assured the UK public that they aim to reduce migration and limit migrants rights in the UK. Although, the Labour party has vowed to toughen the entry and exit checks of migrants, Ed has reassured individuals who want to come to the UK to study, work and start businesses, will not fall under a net migration target.

As a result many UK employers and business leaders have applauded the Labour leader for his plan. Director general of the Institute of the Directors (IoD) Simon Walker commented:

“Ed Miliband is right to rule out net migration targets. Putting an arbitrary figure on the number of people you think should be arriving in the UK every year is not the stuff of serious policy-making. The target has damaged our reputation overseas and put off the very people we should be welcoming into our country, including entrepreneurs and students.”

Some would assume that Ed Miliband’s plan to remove the immigration target alone is enough to put the Labour party in the lead in the run to the General Elections next week. Businesses and employers in the UK have argued that the cap on skilled migrant workers was preventing them from filling vacancies because of the lack of skills in the UK. Earlier this month, UK businesses and employers were left disappointed when the Conservative party published their manifesto and revealed that the party would maintain the cap of 20,700 for skilled migrant workers. Understandably businesses and employers in the UK are disappointed at the prospect of the limitation on skilled workers coming to the UK continuing. However, this has only made Ed Miliband’s and the Labour’s party’s plans that much more significant.

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